An orphan, Evelyn was taken in by Solun Ghee, the Wizard of Lunargen Portal – so called the Farseer, because he actually prevented the city from being attacked by sea by seeing an invading fleet that was coming in.

It is possible that Evelyn's parents died in the plague of purple death, when many hundreds of Lunargenti fell, but no one knows to this day.

Solun selected her from many other orphans because he has a device called an Arcane Touchstone, which let him know she had a considerable talent in magic, and he is always looking for apprentices.

He wasn't much of a parent though, the woman who turned out to be more of a parent was a Sydalian (halfling) lady named Merianna Turnleaf – or Meri for short

Meri is the house mother and she takes care of Solun and his apprentices and served as a mother figure for Evelyn. Evelyn and four other wizard apprentices live with Meri and Solun in a tower on the edge of the city that is a landmark that a lot of people use – they call it the Solun Lighthouse. Solun is occasionally called to Lunargen Palace to consult wtih the Magister Bellorum, or the Royal Wizard. At Sunheight Court, the entire 

Solun has a lot of very interesting friends – they come and go, but she has her favorites

So, when you grew up a bit, you got to a point where some of Solun's friends were like, "Come with me, let's go adventuring" And Solun was NOT a fan of that idea

He wanted her to become a serious wizard, perhaps join the college of wizardry

He was grooming her to become a mage – that is to say, a sorcerer plus a wizard; he is one – he's in fact an archmage

He is friends with Magister Olen Haight who was Eru's Master-teacher

Evelyn spent a lot of time learning how to use her sorcery. She practiced continuously, bringing out of her heart all her cantrip spells in short order. With guidance, she was able to cultivate very useful ones, particularly Message and Detect Magic and Poison. The studying and focusing took nearly all her time.

Her skills developed, as did her friendship with Kinu and, through correspondence, Erulasse. But the Long Road called to her.

Solun kept her at home for as long as he could, but the lure of the road was too much for her. So when Kinu left town with a group of Hoskin's Irregulars, she parted ways with Solun in an amicable fashion, and he gave her a shiny new wand of lightning "To show what a true mage may aspire to."

He's still grumpy but has grown fond of her and doesn't want to see her dead in some barrow or treasure-crypt somewhere.

Joining a mercenary company wasn't too hard because, with a house of five other young wizards, Meri ran the place like a military unit – so Evelyn was used to making her own bunk, keeping her clothes clean, helping cook, carrying things, etc. It was the marching and the drilling that was boring to her – that and the hand-to-hand combat that Hoskins made everybody – even the mages – practice.

She's been hoping to be placed on the Go-Team – the Go-Team is the squad of mercenaries that Hoskins always has ready to do "odd jobs" – basically, it's paid adventuring.

She made Go-Team just recently along with Kinu, Eru, Amtard the Ranger, Siobhan the bard, and Khadija the Priestess


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