Born on the Summer Solstice (Sunheight) in Cursal Wood, Eru was the second born in her family.


She was still in the egg when her father was killed, attacked by Gnolls as he gathered firewood in the forest.


The Gnolls were never found, although Sir Leland Sandoval lead a party of men at arms to hunt them down as a result of the attack.


Her older brother, Gaelan, took over her father's work in the fields and became head of household after that.


Sir Sandoval made certain that his people were well cared for, and even allowed Eru's family to sell excess vegetables they garnered by farming their own private plot of land.


Throughout her early life, she was never far from her best friend, an Albion wolfhound mutt named Aryoo who was the runt of a litter and whom she saved from death by the knight's huntsman, Quentin Bowyer. Aryoo later died of old age at her feet, having lead a full and happy life.


Eru's mother, Lisse, was a braider of rope and spent a lot of time putting together bundles of hemp rope for sale in the marketplace. During the spring, summer, and fall Eru would be tasked first with minor tasks revolving around rope-braiding, and later on as she grew older and more capable, was allowed to man the booth and sell rope for her family.


Everyone loved Eru's charming manner and her winsome smiles. People soon discovered she could tell from just a few factors whether the sales of the day would be heavy or light. She made many friends by helping people and was never afraid of a little hard, or complicated work.


It was in the marketplace at the port city of Lunargen that Eru met the man who would become very important to her destiny. In one part of the marketplace was Solun Ghee's magical trinkets booth and Eru was constantly drawn to the booth, even though she never had enough money to buy anything. She used to love to play with the little animated dog-statue, or click on and off a firestarter, or refresh herself with a ring of prestidigitation when no-one was looking. One day she picked up a large greenish marble on a stand, and it began to glow. It glowed so brightly that it attracted attention – everyone wondered where the mystical green light was coming from.


One man in particularly, the wizard Magister named Olen Haight. Olen, a half-elven wizard from Blacpool City, was in town interviewing potential apprentices and happened to see how bright the energy was from the green orb.


Solun Ghee took the stone back from Eru and admonished her, but admitted to Olen that the stone was an Arcane Touchstone, a magical test of sorts to see if the user had the potential to use magic.


Olen accompanied Eru that day back to her family home where he made a bid to Lisse to provide for Eru's education as a wizard. Lisse could not believe her ears, and forced the wizard to speak to Sir Sandoval on her behalf. The knight and wizard met and discussed the situation, and it was decided that Eru would be trained both as a wizard and as a scribe to "Give her an honest trade" as opposed to just using magic.


Within a fortnight, Eru was in Blacpool city in Tamovar House, Olen's private resident and magical sanctum. It was there Eru learned of magic, and made many friends in the city and in the magical district of Starmoon House. She made friends with Evelyn there, and met Siobhan the bard. She started a small business creating small spellstones and potions of various kinds, and this supplemented the small stipend that the Magister afforded her.


Magister Haight had made several enemies among the gangs of Blacpool, however, and had a gambling habit that was insatiable. It was not long after he completed training Eru in the 4th circle of wizardry that he was found dead in the street with an assassin's crossbow bolt through him.


With help from Siobhan, Eru was able to pay the associated dues and fees to take over Tamovar House, as Magister Olen died with his will intestate. His gambling debts soon caught up with him, however, and Eru found herself fleeing Tamovar House one early morning one step ahead of the town watch who was coming to evict her. She managed to steal away with many magic items, some of which she has since sold, but most of which she still retains, including the mystic staff her Master had given her when she had obtained 4th circle wizardry. Studying on her own, she taught herself from books and obtained 5th circle, and presented herself to the mercenary's guild to find gainful employment.


The mercenary company called Hoskins Irregulars signed her on a 5-year contract with a 500 gold piece advance, and she's been working for Old Man Hoskins ever since.


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