The Firewherian Empire in the Common Tongue and in Elven refers to the span of time a now-extinct race of wizard-priest-kings ruled the entire world.

It was a golden age of sorts where magic flowed like water after spring rains, and where power was harnessed to defeat Death, control Fate, and pierce the veil of Time.

Scholars believe hubris did the Empire in, and there is evidence of a cataclysmic failure of Firewherian civilization to support this theory. Those who follow the Stone of Reason believe that the Gods as they are known today are merely the spirits of dead Firewherians who have managed to trick the gullible into worshipping them.

Firewherian language is experiential in nature and provides its own context; it is extremely difficult to understand to all but the most accomplished scholars and wizards. Non-scholars can learn to recognize certain sigils as being "dangerous," but actual reading of Firewherian text is very difficult for them.

There is a general theory that humans, Gnaeltongue, Erendani, and Sydalian people were created by the Firewherians through the art of life-shaping. Sentient Firewherian entities that still exist refer to these as the Servitor Races

It is believed that the set of magical formulae in use by modern wizards was created by the Firewherians for their servitors, and that the Wyrd, source of magical talent for Sorcerers, utilized similar power structures. 

Scholars believe the Firewherians' greatest achievements were in the creation of the Key to Magic, the Mindstone the Heartwell, and the Lifeseed. Wizards learn about these power sources as part of their studies, and anyone with Knowledge Arcane is familiar with these theories.

Treasure hunters dream of finding an unopened cache of Firehwerian trinkets and artifacts. Even the most inconsequential-looking item of authentic Firewherian provenance can prove to be very valuable in the right circles.

The Red Silk Auction is an auction event that takes place regularly in Starmoon to facilitate the buying and selling of Firewherian artifacts.

The Archmage of Firewherian lore and power is Alabaster the Dragon Mage




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