Song of Stars with Moon

Episode 3: To the Tower

Captain Rogers, leader of the Rogers Rascals came to meet the players, along with Corwin Moonstar the Elven Wizard (cutie heart throb). Moonstar is a Hazard-class wizard hired by Rogers to protect his interests. Rogers handed a map and a keystone over to Eru, along with a privvy ring for Old Man Hoskins. Conversation ensued with Hoskins – the two companies have decided to band together. Rogers men have been captured and most of them eaten. Evelyn teleported to Blacpool to perform a task. The mage Moonstar surveyed the area with a Staff of Eyes, and Eru requested a ranger be sent. Norman, a Yarian Ranger, showed up and assessed the situation, finding out the following Gnoll tribes are active in the area – they are adolescent males with no women or children along with them.

Bloodmoon Tribe – violent, aggressive, dangerous, volatile.

FireThorn Tribe: controlling, jealous, possessive of territory, love steel and magic, quarrelsome

Stoneberry Tribe: lazy, sneaky, indecisive, driven to eat Daboberries, mistrustful, keeper of secrets. He then left because he saw that the situation was highly dangerous.

Blackfang Tribe: Dark, destructive, occult death-worshippers

Norman left, to be replaced by a ranger named Faeland, who seems to be competent, at least he sounds competent.

During the day they travelled towards the tower, Erulasse noticed that they were being scryed – but by whom, she could not tell. 

 When they stopped, Corwin Moonstar teleported in and brought with him the stepping stone. They took to a hill and spent the night on the hill, surrounded by brush and trees. They woke up the next morning and went to travel to the Tower.

 Faeland had a cloak of invisibility and went scouting ahead of the party.

Once they were at the tower, they noticed two things:

1.) The tower was no longer standing, and only a shell remained of it.

2.) The place was surrounded by Black Fang Gnolls, some of whom appeared to be worshipping Malfas, the God of Dooms.

 Along the way to the tower, a group of observant Gnolls started sniffing around the party as they crept along, covered in a spell of Invisible Sphere, 10' radius. 

Gruff dispatched one, then another, then a third with help from Kinu's arrows.

As they neared the edge of the hole left by the fallen tower, they heard the soundof a huge explosion going off somewhere else in the Black Fang camp.


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